Dr. Alejandro Lopez attends the 13th Annual World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery

In April 23 to 27 2012, Dr. Alejandro Lopez attended the XIII World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery. The conference had a lot of educational opportunities for bariatric surgeries including conversion of a gastric bypass to gastric sleeve surgerygastric bypass rescue with laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, and raise awareness of complications after gastric plication.

Endoscopic surgery is vital for modern bariatric surgery. The Latinamerican Congress of Endoscopic Surgery (ALACE) and the Latinamerican Federation of Surgery (FELAC) are hosting the World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery is a scientific committee filled with experts from all over the world to talk about bariatric surgeries including: gastric plication, gastric bypass, gastric banding, gastric sleeve, revision, gaining weight dilemma and more.

Dr. Alejandro Lopez continues his bariatric surgery excellence with regular attendance of medical conferences. Dr. Lopez visited the 13th Annual World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with the bariatric surgery marketing company SOURCiS.