Bariatric Surgery Facilities in Tijuana, Mexico

INT Hospital

INT is a clean full-service hospital in Zona Rio area of Tijuana, Mexico. The hospital is only few blocks away from the US border. The INT hospital has four operating rooms and is setup for medical tourism patients. The hospital staff and nurses are well trained and attentive to patients. For more information on INT hospital please contact our care advisers.

Hospital Mi Doctor

Mi Doctor is one of the most surgically clean and medically advanced hospital facilities in Tijuana, Mexico. Only minutes away from the US border, this hospital has 3 operating rooms that are equipped with the latest in cutting-edge surgical equipment and can handle any type of bariatric surgeries.

Mi Doctor has in-house Endoscopy suite, a Radiology and Fluoroscopy unit, fully equipped laboratory that can handle any kind of medical tests, and an intermediary Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The hospital also has elevators, cafeterias, secure parking, a full electrical backup generator system, and an in-house water filtration system that purifies the hospital’s water supply.